Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Motion Tour

Competition April 22nd & 23rd

2828 Harrison Blvd. Ogden, 84403


***Below is the list of call times for Motion Tour.  It is IMPERATIVE that you are ON TIME!  We need dancers there with plenty of time to warm-up and prepare before going on stage.  In many cases, competitions will run ahead of schedule…for some, it is not unusual to be an entire hour ahead!  SO PLEASE BE ON TIME***

Saturday, April 23rd

#305- “Dear Future Husband” ( RZ DZ 5k T/TH) – 7:30am

#313- “Friend Like Me” (RZ DZ 5k M/W) – 8:00am

#381 – “Red Balloon”(RZ DZ 6-10) – 11:30

#387 – “All Shook Up” (RZ DZ 5-7) – 11:45

*Awards call time for the above routines- 2:15.  Please wear your WS travel gear*

·         Please arrive at your call time with your hair and makeup completely done.
·         You need to wear your team travel gear to and from competition, and during the award ceremonies. NOT your dance costume, you will change into your dance costume once we have warmed up! You may want to wait to apply the lipstick until after we have changed into our costumes.
Travel Gear
-5k, 5-7’s & 6-10s – any black bottoms (jeans, sweats, leggings) w/ Winner School t-shirt


     Good luck!

For those of you looking for a hotel to stay in overnight on Friday, here are a couple of suggestions that are within 5 miles of Ogden High School (the venue for The Motion Tour):

Hampton Inn & Suites Ogden
Hilton Garden Inn (there are two in Ogden within the 5 mile range)
Courtyard Ogden
Holiday Inn Express Ogden

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