Monday, April 18, 2016

HOW TO DO A SOCK BUN // Youtube Hair Tutorial

The Motion Tour is finally here! Thank you for having 100% attendance on Saturday! The girls did an amazing job! It is so exciting for these dancers to have the opportunity to take all of their hard work in the classroom, to the stage!

This Youtube link is a great tutorial on how to do our "princess bun". As you can see it is a "rolled" bun, not a "twisted" bun. You can use a sock to achieve this look, or a hair donut, both will work.

Please make sure that you have ALL of your dancer's costume items in their competition bag. Please make sure your dancer's jazz shoes are in their bag. Make sure your dancer wears their Winner School RzDz T-shirt, it makes them easier to find. There is no admission to the competition, feel free to invite family to help cheer on your dancer! It is going to be a fun and exciting day!

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