Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring GP Pictures: GP Pictures are coming up soon! Classes that attend Tuesday/Thursday will have pictures taken on Tuesday, April 5th. Classes that attend Monday/Wednesday, Wednesday Only, or Wednesday/Friday will have pictures taken on Wednesday, April 6th. Pictures are taken during regular class time. There will be no regular class on the day of pictures. Dancers will be excused immediately after individual and group pictures are taken. Dancers will wear their recital costume. All groups will wear a "princess bun" for Spring pictures, along with coordinating hair pieces. Intros (3 year olds) and RzDz 4 classes, please bring both ballet and tap shoes. Make-up is at your discretion. For the RzDz 5K, RzDz 5-7, and RzDz 6-10 classes please have competition make-up.
Pictures must be ordered, and paid for, prior to individual pictures being taken. Please bring your child regardless of your intent to purchase pictures, we want the entire class to be represented in the group photo. Order form sheets will be sent home the week prior to pictures, extras will be available at the time of photos being taken.
Back ground may vary.
***For those of you out of town due to Spring Break, we are working on a tentative picture make up date. I will keep you posted!***

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