Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2015-2016 Auditions!!!
$20.00 current  students    $25.00 new students

May 28th-ages 13-17-ADVANCED! (Elite Company, Senior Company, TPC)
May 29th -ages 11-13-INTERMEDIATE! (Mini Company, Small Stars, Elite Company)
May 29th& 30th -age 6-8-BEGINNING! (Rz Dz 5-7, 5ks, Team Rz Dz, Dazzles)
May 29th & 30th-ages 8-11-BEGINNING/INTERMEDIATE! (Starlettes & Mini Stars)

*Dancers will be auditioning with the level & team they are in this year,
unless you are asked by Shannon or a Dance Teacher otherwise.
All Dancers must sign up for auditions in The Store.

*May 29th Rz Dz 5-7, 5ks, Team Rz Dz, Dazzles 1 & Dazzles 2 (1st grade-age 8) Beginning
4:15- check in (fill out paperwork & pay fee)
4:30-5:15- learn ballet combo
5:30-6:30- learn jazz combo
May 30th
10:30-10:50- check in (receive audition number)
10:50-11:15-review ballet and jazz combos
11:30-1:30- auditions!

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*May 29th  Starlettes & Mini Stars(ages 8-11) Beginning/intermediate
6:00-6:20-check in (fill out paperwork & pay fee)
6:30-7:15- learn ballet combo
7:30-8:30- learn jazz combo
May 30th
1:00-1:20- check in (receive audition number)
1:20-1:30-review ballet and jazz combos
1:30-3:30- auditions!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Countdown to The Studio Showcase
We are in our FINAL week prior to our Studio Showcase! We are so excited for our dancers to perform.

All Intro (pink polka dot uniform)  and RZDZ 4 (turquoise polka dot uniform) dancers will have their hair in a princess bun. EXCEPT for the T/TH RZDZ 4 class that has a cowboy hat with their costume, they will have their hair in two low ponytails.

All RZDZ 5K, RZDZ 5-7, and RZDZ 7-10 dancers will have their hair in a low ponytail. Parted on the right side, swept to the left, no bangs, curled and sprayed.

Parents please check that you have all pieces of your dancer's costume.

T/TH 11:15 am Intros: "By the Sea" White dress, white "bloomers", sailor collar, tan tap shoes

T/TH 12:30 pm Intros: "Secret Agent" Black leotard dress, pink jacket, pink gloves, headband, tan tights, ballet shoes

Wednesday Only Intros: "The Glow" Purple and gold dress,  hair piece, tan tights and ballet shoes

M/W RZDZ 4 11:00 am : "I Can See Clearly" Yellow dress, hairpiece, tan tights and ballet shoes

M/W RZDZ 12:30pm: "Aloha E Komo Mai" Hibiscus print dress, arm bands, hair piece, tan footless tights, ballet shoes

T/TH RZDZ 11:00 am: "Country Western, Yahoo!" Pink and denim costume, cowboy hat, tan tights, tan tap shoes

M/W RZDZ 5K 2:00 pm: "ABC" School girl costume, head band, white socks, silver high tops

T/TH RZDZ 5K 4:15 pm: "Hawaiian Rollercoaster" Hawaii print tunic, pink shorts, anklet. (I have most of the hair pieces, but a couple were taken with dancers at Thunderstruck. Please contact me if you have one.)

T/TH RZDZ 5-7 4:15 pm: "Diamond's" Pink costume, blacks head band, tan tights, tan jazz shoes

W/F RZDZ 7-10: "Song of the Heart" Pink and silver costume, headband, tan jazz shoes

ALL RZDZ 5K, 5-7 and 7-10 dancers also have a Tap costume they need to bring, their black class leotard, tan fishnet tights, red gloves, tan tap shoes. I will give them their hat at the performance.
Please also do an at home competition bag check. Your dancer should bring their competition bag with them to the Studio Showcase.

Lighting rehearsal times and performance call times can be found in a previous blog post.

Flowers and performance DVD's are available for preorder through The Winner School Store until Thursday.