Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Dance Attack

Winter Dance Attack 2014
Saint Thomas More
3015 E. Creek Rd
Sandy, Utah 84093

Dance Attack is a semi-annual Dance Convention put on by The Winner School and our sister studios, The Dance Club and Dance Impressions. Winter Dance Attack is 2 days full of classes that will develop each dancer’s technique and choreography skills. It is also a chance for our dancers to bond together as we head into competition season. It is optional for all Razzle Dazzle dancers ages 5 and up. The cost is $190.00

What to Expect:
·        Registration 2/7 @ 3-4:00 pm. Check in and get your wristband and other goodies. The ladies at check in will tell you where to go from here.
·        Opening Ceremonies 2/7 @ 4:00-4:15 pm. We will all sit together at Opening Ceremonies so no one feels left out or alone. Look for the other Winner School dancers or the red balloons. Opening ceremonies will introduce you to the staff and give important instructions for the day. Parents are welcome.
·        Classes Begin 2/7 @ 4:15-9:00pm.  Please make sure to pick-up your dancer promptly at 9:00! Dinner is included on this day.
·        Classes Begin 2/8 @ 10:00am- 4:00pm. Lunch is included on this day.
·        Classes are closed to parents and friends until the last 10 minutes. This is so the dancers can concentrate on the teacher and not have any outside distractions. It helps to talk to your dancer (especially our young girls) and explain that she will be with her dance friends and that you will not be with her. She will feel more prepared and not surprised when you leave her in class that first time.
·        Meals are included. Dinner on the 7th and lunch on the 8th are included. We will have a special section of the eating area set aside so our girls can sit together. Of course, they can say hi to new friends they have met or other girls they know from Winner School or other studios. But we are trying to reinforce a team concept and help all the girls feel comfortable and included.
·        Classes. The girls will have classes in all aspects of dance – jazz, ballet, hip hop, etc. Please send all shoes with you dancer. Please no dance paws as our dancers cannot execute proper technique in them. Please label all shoes, bags, and clothing as there are lots of dancers and items do get misplaced. Dancers are allowed to wear any dance attire they choose. They may also wear their class outfits. They should wear their travel suits while outside of class to promote a professional appearance and team unity. Hair must be pulled back. Please refer to Dance Attack flyer for Jazz 1  class details. An extra copy can be picked up at the store.
·        Closing Ceremonies 2/8 @ 4:15 pm. Parents and friends are welcome and encouraged to come. The dancers will be showcasing what they learn during the convention.

Dance Attack Check List:
*  Label all shoes, bags, and clothing.
*  Bring all dance shoes and a pair of tennis shoes for hip hop.
*  Healthy snacks and a water bottle. String cheese, fruit, nuts, granola bars. This is a long day for our dancers. Please send snacks that will give them good, sustained energy.
*  Please talk to your dancer about good behavior and respect while in class. And please make sure they know that you will not be able to attend class so they can get comfortable with the idea.
*  A positive attitude is the best thing they can bring!! They will get so much out of this weekend if they work hard!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Dress Rehearsal for Saturday the 11th of January has been changed to:

1:30-2:30 T/TH Daytime Classes

3:00-4:00 M/W Daytime Classes

**The Snack Bar will be open for your convenience. This is a closed rehearsal so we ask parents to wait for their dancer in the Snack Bar. Thank you!