Friday, January 22, 2016

Progression Recital Rehearsal....

Saturday, January 23rd is our Progression recital dress rehearsal. It will be held at The Winner School, in the gym. Please be on time! Rehearsals will be closed to parents, we are using this time to get familiar with the space. Please have your dancer dressed in their class uniform, bring ballet shoes and tap shoes.  Please have their hair pulled back in a bun. If your dancer's hair is too short for a bun, please have their hair secured off of their face with clips. We are so excited to be preparing for this special night for our Intro and Razzle Dazzle dancers!


Intros (light blue leos):    11:15 am- 12:00 pm

RzDz 4's (purple leos):    12:00 pm- 12:45 pm

RzDz 5K (black leos, multi colored shorts):   12:45 pm- 1:30 pm

RzDz 5-7 and RzDz 6-10 (black leos, multi colored shorts):   1:30 pm- 2:15 pm

If you have questions about which time your dancer comes for rehearsal, please call the front desk, they have a class lists and will be able to specify for you. The Winner School front desk number,

Thank you in advance for taking time out of your Saturday to come to this important rehearsal.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Deposits and fees due

A $50 costume deposit is due in The Winner School Store by Friday, January 15th. It is extremely important that these deposits get paid. We cannot order costumes, for the entire class, until we have all of the deposits for that class. The longer we have to wait to order costumes, the more likely it is that shipping dates will be too late for our April GP Pictures, or the costumes become unavailable. Please get this deposit paid by Friday, or sooner. The remaining balance will become due in April prior to pictures being taken.

Also please confirm that you have paid $10 for your Progression Recital bow. These bows will be distributed on the day of the performance.

Thank you for your tremendous support! We love these dancers. We are so excited for this performance!

Monday, January 4, 2016

We will be working in the month of January to prepare for our Progression recital. We have dress rehearsal times set for Saturday, January 23rd in the Winner School gym. We have given each age group 45 minutes to become familiar with the large space. It is important that you are on time, we will start each age group exactly on time.

Intro's (age 3, light blue leotard): 11:15 am- 12:00 pm
RzDz 4's (purple leotard): 12:00 pm- 12:45 pm
RzDz 5K (M/W 2:00 pm class & T/TH 4:15 pm): 12:45 pm- 1:30 pm
RzDz 5-7 & RzDz 6-10: 1:30 pm- 2:15 pm

Dancers should wear their class uniform, hair pulled into a "princess" bun. Bring ballet and tap shoes.

Class Assigned Sessions for 2016 Progression Recital:

Our progression recital is an opportunity for parents to see the individual progression of their child in the three dance genres (jazz, ballet, and tap) that are taught in our Intro and Razzle Dazzle dance program.  We showcase the progressive nature of our dance program through having a class from each age group in all sessions.

The Progression Recital will be held on Saturday, February 6th 2016 at The Winner School in the gym.  It will be held in three separate sessions, your class has been assigned a specific time. This is an intimate venue. The performance is primarily intended for parents, and possibly grandparents.

The schedule for the Progression recital is as follows:


2:00 pm:

10:00 am Wednesday only Intro class

12:30 pm M/W RzDz 4’s class

4:15 pm T/TH RzDz 5K class


3:30 pm:

11:15 am T/TH Intro class

10:00 am T/TH RzDz 4’s class

4:15 pm T/TH RzDz 5-7 class



5:00 pm:

12:30 pm T/TH Intro class

11:00 am M/W RzDz 4’s class

2:00 pm M/W RzDz 5K class

4:15 pm W/F RzDz 6-10 class