Monday, September 15, 2014

We have enjoyed getting back into the routine with our first two weeks back at dance.
We are implementing our "Garden of Good Behavior" reward system.

The instructors are enjoying seeing our lovely returning students, and getting to know our new students. We adore your children. It is a privilege to give them a solid foundation in dance.

If you missed the parent meeting, please feel free to ask for a copy of the upcoming events handout. RzDz 5K, RzDz 5-7 and RzDz 7-10 classes will want a copy of the Bag Check list as well.

There are a couple of tips we'd like to share for a successful dance experience:
Please label ALL dancewear and dance shoes. With so many little ones, shoes sometimes get placed in the wrong bag or left behind. We want go protect your investment and make sure that all of your dancer's belongings get back to them.
If you drop your dancer off before dance, please take them to the restroom. Dancers who come from Dayschool are taken to the restroom before they are brought to the dance room to change. Restroom breaks during dance are a big distraction and take away from instruction time.

Parents of RzDz 5K, RzDz 5-7 & RzDz 7-10 classes:
Please remind your children to have a healthy snack before dance. They have already had a long day at school and may need something to keep their energy up for class. String cheese & crackers, apples & peanut butter, veggies & dip are all great snacks that will help them focus and keep their bodies going for dance. The Winner School Snack Bar has snacks available as well.