Thursday, February 27, 2014

Releve Dance Competition

Val A Browning Center for the Performing Arts
901 University Circle
Ogden, UT 84408

7:00am Mr Zebra
7:00am Live Your Life
7:15am Beauty in the World

**Competitions may run as early as 1-2 hours ahead! Please plan to be in the dressing room at your CALL TIME.

10:30-11:30 Master Class with Alex Clark - This class is free and open to all competing dancers; they will scan the bag tag you receive at Dress Rehearsal for admission into the class.

11:45 AWARDS

Reminders for all Razzle Dazzle dancers and parents (Mr. Zebra, Beauty in the World, Live Your Life) :
  • Dancers should arrive in their Winner School T-shirts, not costumes!
  • Hair (pompadour, 1 braid on the right, high pony, flat ironed) and make-up should be done, lipstick upon arrival.
  • Parents please walk your dancer back to the dressing room and check in with their teacher
  • Please pick-up your dancer immediately after performing, in the dressing room.
  • All dancers MUST attend awards in their WS T-shirt. Dancers will sit together on the stage with the girls in their class.
  • The Master Class is optional.

** Bag Check and Full Dress Rehearsal are Wednesday, March 5th or Thursday, March 6th during regular class. Dancers should arrive in Winner School T-shirt with full hair and make-up (just like they will need to have done on Saturday). Releve' Bag tags will be passed out at Dress Rehearsal; you will need this tag to attend the Master Class and to receive your Participation Award.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rehearsal and Hair/Make-Up Clinic on Saturday

Saturday February 22nd, there will be rehearsal  
for all 5K and 5-7 dancers.

Hair and make-up clinic will be from 10-10:30am.
 Please make every effort to be there.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Upcoming Events for 5K and 5-7 Yr Old Dancers

Upcoming Events:

COSTUMES: Costume prices this year will include: costume, hair accessory, tights, jazz gore boots, red Razzle Dazzle team t-shirt and BA Star red lip pencil. Costumes will be ready for pick-up after January 17th .

COMPETITION REHEARSALS: To make sure our dancers are prepared for Releve Dance Competition, we will be having extra rehearsals on February 15th (for dances: Live Your Life-Miss Emily & Beauty in the World-Miss Kellie) and 22nd (All competing dancers). Saturday February 15th we will be practicing from 10-11:00am in ROOM 4 (Live Your Life) or 11:00-NOON (Beauty in the World). Saturday, February 22nd we will be practicing from 10:00am- NOON. Both of these rehearsals are mandatory.

HAIR & MAKE-UP: Saturday, February 22nd  10-10:30am, there will be a hair and make-up clinic for parents, at the Winner School. Dancers must have uniform hair and make-up for competition. Hair style and make-up technique will be demonstrated on this Saturday. Make-up kits are available in the Winner School Store, but are not required for purchase this year. We encourage you to buy one, but if you choose not to, you will need to match the colors as closely as possible with the make-up you already have at home. Make-up colors are shown on the BLOG (  All dancers must wear the BA STAR red lip pencil, it is included with your dancers costume. Please make arrangements to be at the clinic on Saturday.

BAG CHECK: Before every competition we do a performance  bag inspection. Performance bags should be separate from regular dance class bags, and must contain all the items on the “BAG CHECK” list. Bag inspection will be March 5th or 6th during regular class time.

DRESS REHEARSAL: WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY, MARCH 5TH or 6TH dancers should come to class with full hair and make-up. If your dancer has school, and rides the bus on this day, we ask you to send them to school with performance hair, and send all their make-up in their performance bag. Performance bags may be dropped off at the Winner School in the morning so that they do not go to school with your child.

RELEVE’ DANCE COMPETITION: MARCH 8th Val A Browning Center For The Performing Arts 901 University Cir Ogden, UT 84408 . Entry fees for competition are due in the Store on February 19th . The cost is $ 25. We do not have the exact times yet, but will pass on that information as soon as we receive it. Please be aware that call times can be as early as 7:00am. For this reason we recommend getting a hotel room in Ogden, close to the Weber State Campus.